About Me

This is me!

Miguel Berenguel Alonso

So as you could have already deduced (smart guys), I am a chemist. But I am many other things, and I want to mix them here all together… and see what does actually come out of it!

I love photography -though I am not very good at it! Read as much as I can without loosing my health, and enjoy going to the movies. Can’t stay still on a weekend and love to travel -even if for a day trip. Love the good food -and love to (try to) cook it.

I work at the Functional Printing and Embedded Devices Unit of Eurecat as an R&D Scientist. Right now, I am working on the development and characterization of sensor systems based on printed electronics, as well as in the development of Point of Care devices.

Previously, I used to work at the Group of Sensors and Biosensors at the UAB as a PhD student in the interdisciplinary fields of meso/microfluidics and (bio)sensors. My thesis dealt with the design and fabrication of microfluidic systems based on thermoplastics and ceramics. These microfluidic systems enabled the development of different applications such as on-chip immunomagnetic separation and analysis of bacteria, oocyte cell culture or nanomaterials synthesis.


  1. Dear Mr. Miguel ..

    Could be we a friend?
    I am from Aceh Singkil, I sow you that you used to be in Pulau Banyak
    Please email me to : cp.berutu@gmail.com

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